High-definition security cameras grabbing sharper photos of crime

High-definition cameras are adding better security to where we work and live.

Top of the line technology helps property maintenance supervisor Sara Clark keep an eye on several of her apartment buildings across Indianapolis. Reverie Estates has many cameras installed for security and is adding even more high-quality eyes in the sky.

"If you don't invest in good imagery, then the cameras are worthless and it's pointless to have the system," Clark said.

Robbery detectives hope high-quality images of bank robbery suspects around central Indiana prove worth the investment. Investigators want more businesses investing in high-definition cameras.

The high-tech cameras not only show who's coming and going at Clark's properties, but also a room where bicycles have disappeared.

"One-third Super Head cameras is what we are using. The picture quality is so much better than what they were, say, 10 years ago," said security camera expert Jim Browning.

Browning says just like anything else, you get what you pay for. The better the camera, the better the picture.

"That is outstanding. It's got a good shot of his eyes," Browning said, looking at the bank robbery surveillance pictures.

Better cameras also help remote access, so even cell phone images from security cameras are picture perfect.

"We need to assist the residents fairly quickly," Clark said.

Security camera experts say for the better quality images, you'll have to pay more for high-definition cameras, but it's worth it. More home security systems are producing better images now, too.

From NBCNEWS Indianapolis.

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