Four Types of Burglars

You may think that a burglar is a burglar – a thief who sets out with the sole intention to steal the belongings of an unsuspecting victim and ruin lives in the process. And you would be right. But did you know there are different types of burglars in this world, and each type operates in a different way?

Although there’s no exact science for categorizing burglars, we’ve grouped them into four general types. Let’s take a look at each.

The Opportunist
The opportunist burglar is a common type who searches for targets that are quick and easy to hit. This type of thief does not set out in a premeditated manner. Instead, he or she will prey on the forgetfulness of homeowners, such as an unlocked door or an open window. Opportunist burglary generally results in not much being stolen – usually because the thief doesn’t know what he or she will find – and anything stolen is typically exchanged for cash.

The Scouter
Unlike the opportunist, the scouter is premeditated, searching around neighborhoods for things to steal. Unlocked doors and windows are a definite bonus to this kind of thief, but not essential to carrying out a burglary. Scouters are usually messy thieves, not afraid to break a window or force a lock to gain entry into a home, and once inside they will take anything that can easily be carried in pockets or a backpack.

The Prowler
The prowler is a level above the opportunist and the scouter and operates with more tact. Prowlers generally work in the steal-on-demand business, targeting properties with goods that can be quickly sold on to “clients.” More often than not, the prowler is a former opportunist thief who has prospered in his or her efforts and become more organized, studying targets and carrying out thefts in a thorough and sophisticated manner.

The Targeted
Targeted burglars are the most specialized thieves of all, generally operating within a crime ring and targeting specific homes and items in wealthy estates. This type of burglar does not associate with opportunist thieves and is only interested in high-value goods. They will also focus on businesses, factories and warehouses, operating in a highly professional way.

Protecting your Home
While there may be different types of burglars out there, protecting your home from each is done in exactly the same way: by installing a home security system.

The key to preventing burglary is making your home less of a target, and installing a Monitronics alarm system helps you do this. From the simple sign in the yard, to motion detectors inside the home, to 24/7 home monitoring, a Monitronics security system helps ensure your home and your family are safer from the threat of intrusion.

Other safety tips include keeping all doors and windows locked when you’re out of the house or in a different part of the property. The same can also be said for garages and sheds, both of which are often targeted by opportunist thieves.

Opportunists, scouters, prowlers and targeted burglars all operate with different intentions. Monitronics operates with just one: your protection.

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