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Ultimate Video & Security is proud to introduce our manufacturer, HikVision, with their 4 and 5mp high resolution video equipment! HikVision is the largest manufacturer of video equipment in the world!

Our manufacturer is offering a FREE NVR or DVR when you purchase the same number of cameras as channels available the unit.
If you buy 16 (5mp) cameras you would get a FREE 16 channel (5mp) DVR unit.

This special offer is valid until February 28, 2018.

HikVision offers and easy to use system interface both on site at the unit and when logging in remotely. The 5mp analog equipment offers a super high resolution video picture, which is great for zooming and for detail when viewing both people and vehicles.

The HD 5mp TVI system is a hybrid system and can not only work with new HD 5mp cameras but also use your existing cabling and/or your older analog cameras as well. You can use both older analog cameras and high resolution 5mp cameras on the same system!!!

The special code when calling in and scheduling your appointment is "free5mp2019 "

Call us today for more information and receive a discount! Don't forget to use the special code!


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